[ERROR] *no happiness found*

i don’t think

i can remember the last time

where i was happy for more than an hour

i eat cotton candy, tasting its sugary solid sweetness

seconds before it melts in my mouth

and once again i am left with a strange feeling of

empty excitement

they tell me, you used to be so excited all of the time

i used to dream of simpler things, easily obtainable

now i walk with my head down

i tuck my elbows into my stomach whenever i sit and sigh more often

what happened?

i cry when i hear john denver

all he needed was sunshine to make him happy

every day, i feel my stomach sinking but

i have no space left to cry

my storage has been used up by a bitter boxing match with the

evil part of the world

but some days, i don’t know who my opponent is

i am blocking a faceless issue with little validity to its name

i don’t bleed, but instead

dry swallow and choke on my own breath

for two minutes too many


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