A celebration of life

is held in light

while a celebration of death

is held in dark

yet each event cannot happen without the other

a yin and yang of sorts

how could one encounter the dark

if they have never seen the light?

how can one fully bask in the sun of success and value

without once being chilled by the cold emptiness of the night?

sometimes i write without editing

but some times i must go back and fix my mistakes

in order to feel fulfilled

and that is okay

i  should not be ashamed

to feel as if my gut has been wrung out

by laundry ladies i have never met

snapping out their wet clothes and hanging them up to dry

smelling of soap and lavender

asking the questions no scholar could ever dare to ask

sometimes the light we feel we need

blinds us and glares too harshly

sunburning away the little happiness we had left

making it hard to move on

and we instead plunge into

complete darkness

a black hole almost impossible

to slip out of



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