i can’t hear very well

so one would assume music is not in my life very much

when in fact it has been in every part of it

i met amazing people because of it

i understood happiness because of it

i am understood emotionally because of it

i can’t hear very well

but i can feel immensely

especially the power of music

when i am not listening to music i am making it

a constant, gentle cycle urging me on

but separating me from others

i see others cry and stress

compete and murder each other

manipulate and sabotage others through music

and i close my eyes, yearning for the times when music was for everyone

for the poor slave who worked in dirty clothes with slimy, sandy eyes

to endure the long hours, to escape his mental and physical prison

his cries pulsing out in time with the cracking whip

his tired sighs a soothing lullaby

for the gilded queen who shifted impatiently in her gold palace

aching for some purpose in life

admiring the other aristocrats’ dresses

yet never finding beauty in the world

his anger, her peace

in a world thick with illusions

music creates a truth

never spoken the same to anyone

yet understood by all


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