the world can fix things easily

a bandaid on a scrape

a kiss on a bruise

easily, with good intentions

but there are flaws in the logic

because people need to be fixed

as well as ingrained ideas

ingrained ways of life

like taking a bitten up bone from a dog

they will only pull back harder

not realizing there is a new, better bone for them

coming along

what is there to lose

in learning about new cultures,

exploring new ideas?

why are we so afraid of the new?

we have focused for so long on the old

that we go nowhere

a radical idea to some

but an idea nevertheless

do some people know that the new will make life better

but feel guilty because

they like the old?

yes, not everything can be fixed easily

but it can be mended

a foundation for others

who also wish to birth

a new life


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