i have genuinely smiled

more in one day

on vacation

than i ever have in a week

at school

it seems i am a pessimist

fighting to be an optimist

in the velvety silence of the linoleum kitchen

i hear the sharp ticking of the clock

counting out every imaginary second

of my stress fueled life

i’m often bleeding, throbbing from my forehead

with wishes and desires

washed away by my white washcloth i use here

i get headaches when i fly

but my body yearns for beauty

i see the natural wildlife that pushes up

flowers growing by the hundred

as if to say we are here to help you

we are here not simply for our own benefit

but for you to stop in your busy life

cease the simmering raw cinnamon worries grinding in your brain

and say no, no

these flowers are better at living life

than i certainly am

because they live for a simple reason

and thus survive and thrive easily

turning their faces up to the sun

whispering their untold secret with a loud scream

hidden in plain sight


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