i stood upon that shore

bearing no weight of my world

my only worry

was skipping my rock four times

across the surface

i rubbed my thumb against

its buttery black shine

loving the smell of salt in my thick hair

and the whip cream foam that rushed at my legs

the wet sands marble striped black by the water

made me want to dig my toes in

just to see

what disrupted beauty looked like

it was windy, yes

and the water was cold

but i felt that i could do anything

i have often found that

if i stop caring what other people think

and stop vying for their attention

they see beauty and uniqueness in me

that i do not see

the waves were high today

towering over me in all their glory

as i watched them curve over

and fold within themselves, crawling quickly to the shore

they pulled me, drew me into their beautiful danger

only to betray me and push me back seconds later

in a way, i became frustrated because

this was the most simply natural thing

i have seen in a long time

and i wanted to keep smelling of the earth

that produced it

to feel like

i was part of these glorious blue waters


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