every time

i begin to feel truly happy

something comes along and snatches it away

people say your generation takes too many pictures

live in the moment, live in the moment

but it’s because we are so weighed by the rock

deep and heavy, that when we see a tiny plant emerge from a crack

we rush to desperately save it, to see that happiness over and over again

so that we might not let that plant wilt

i sense the lie in others

and in myself

about how we “are nothing alike”

but what happens when we start to destroy long-term benefits for many

for the sake of the short-term benefit for few?

the flowers swirl in my eyes

their seeds digging into my flesh

reminding me that this land is not my own

and because of that, i must take care of it

but how can i, when so many others

slap me hard, leaving stinging marks on my face?

i am a naïve child

who, despite her education

never learns from her experiences

every time i leave the same place, i grow sad

but i am angry because i can never get rid of the feeling immediately

and i am left to wallow and grasp it like a tiresome baby

why do i never learn?

i wish sometimes the world were black and white

just so i could color it in the way i wanted it to be

but then i’m sure i could never see the new colors

that other people have used to fill the world in with

being so accustomed

to my own


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