i no longer know

what is right and what is wrong anymore

the farther i step back

the more i realize that

my parasite city is eating me from the inside out

draining me every day

in a wasteful, expensive attempt to

degrade my value and put walls around me

my sky is partly cloudy

as there are admittedly a few people that make me happy here

hence why i am ankle deep

in this quicksand

i feel a crab wriggling around in my body

pinching me and making me so

unnecessarily angry and bitter

trying to figure out what it is

that will make me happy

i wish that our world wasn’t so physically demanding

i wish that others would not compare pain levels and painful experiences

trying to best one another

because in the end, do you really want to win?

we are reminded of our failures every day

when we look at history, at what man has done to the world

why celebrate pain,

albeit small in some situations,

instead of becoming empathetic to one another?

yes, perhaps many people have been through hard times

but all the more reason to help another

who is struggling because

you can be strong

for them


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