watching clouds rise from my drink

skimming across the surface

surface tension in the cup and in my head

swirling and twirling in undeterminable directions

sort of like my emotions

in a darkly humorous kind of way

i see in her

what i used to love

cracking my knuckles

around empty air


i see the good in her first

my heart clicks to it

like a magnet

closing my eyes

my hands shiny with sweat

knowing that flower will only bloom

for a day or so more

how i wished today

i could have taken the left fork in the road

seeing how beat up i am

sitting in my own pit of

self destruction

sighing with content when

i managed to find some form of balance

on my tightrope

drawing on the glass with my finger

for nearly 15 minutes

feeling my bare shoulder

leaning against the cold tile wall

spreading my hand and swiping off

all of my thoughts

allowing for a clean slate

which i wish i could do

in real life

moving, moving

getting headaches

the ebb and flow

of the people

around me



to people i have just

said hello to



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