god i wish i could hug him

that’s all

wrap my arms around his neck

and just keep him there

for two minutes

and dream of sunflowers

and soft bedspreads

and natural light

not having to try so hard

and failing to meet their expectations

sweating and working all hours for them

only to be disrespected and ostracized

when asking for one thing

stepping on moss

near a quiet waterfall

and seeing the stream shimmer

with the glossy reflections

of dense palm trees and burgundy bark

laying my head down

on a cloud

feeling the pain in my neck evaporate into

utter bliss

i dreamed last night i was slow dancing

cheek to cheek, wearing a pretty dress

hands around my waist

as all dances go

it wasn’t any sort of real dance

but it felt like it to me

feeling sort of nice

for the first time in a while

waking up and

desperately trying to cling to the whispers

that being the only way

i can get close

without getting caught



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