i think

i see the world differently

than most people my age

not that my way is perhaps


but simply unusual and

divergent than most views

i try to see the good in others first

but those around me point out faults

faults that i choose to ignore

seeing faces light up when

you tell them your favorite thing about them

the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes when you laugh

your inability to hide your emotions

how you get so excited when you see a dog

how you put the milk before your cereal

and how i tease you mercilessly about it

but you put up with it

even when every day

i am negative

i am tired and cranky

and never know what to do

you see the good in me

hopefully, you see the girl

you first met

you first hated

you first loved

in the larger scheme of things,

i think the way your eyes change from blue to green

depending on the sunset

is a home to go back to

or the way you hold my hand-

i had never liked my small hands or feet

until then-

i’m not particularly special

but for some reason

you set me apart from others

the red tulip in a field of yellow

perhaps not ugly

but just






One thought on “spectrum

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  1. I empathise with some of your words so much: I see the good in people too- By default I have feelings of kindness towards people, and don’t understand why some people focus on pointing ‘faults’!


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