once again

i find myself alone in my element

today, i walked the junction of three roads

and i saw the silver tongue of a mermaid spilling out

its sharp exhale of untold secrets

wrapping its barbed mouth around my wrist and

pulling me along, digging its

points into my human flesh

sometimes she would smile at me

and i would smile back, only to get a sneer and a scream

like nails on a chalkboard

my sigh is whispering over those

that gargle with colored mouths

especially in the girls dancing in the street

with their rainbow scarves

and flowing dresses

pounding at her embroidered tambourine

hoping to create

the safe space we all talked about so much

i observe people like her every day

since i struggle to be one

and i watch the steady thump of their feet as they run

curling their heel up

and tightening the muscles

to find their safe haven

the problem is

i know my safe haven but

to get to it

i must first endure the personal tourture


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